Hof Neuenhof


When it comes to our breeding operation, selection of the right bloodlines is of great importance to us and we give careful consideration to each breeding. We also strongly believe that the best possible conditions for raising our horses must be created. [more]

Our interest in breeding developed from our enthusiasm for riding and our experience as show riders when we were younger. Knowing what it’s all about, our goal is to breed elastic and rideable sport horses with good type and great ability.

Along with the best possible conditions for getting the right exercise and the right feed, handling the horses gently so they learn to trust us and giving them sound schooling appropriate for their age are equally important.  As a result, our horses are relaxed, trusting and have outstanding interior values.

All of our broodmares are from proved performance lines. Their foals remain in our care after they are weaned as well and are raised on Gut Neuenhof’s own pastures in Nideggen.

When the time has come, young stallions of the right quality are thoroughly prepared for licensing and young mares for their broodmare performance test. After their tests, a decision is made whether they should be sent to breeding or sport.