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"Of course by Escolar“

The online portal "Dressursport Deutschland" published a great article about Britta Lienhardt, the stable manager of the Fleyenhof, the home of Escolar.

Behind the top riders and especially the horses stand the grooms - with passion, enthusiasm and sometimes with a very special hobby ... Our example today: Britta Lienhardt, groom in Hubertus Schmidt's stable.

For seven years now Britta Lienhardt has been a groom in the stable of Hubertus Schmidt. Horses have always been her great passion, but for the past three years she has had a new hobby - and that has something to do with Diva, Escolar and fun!

After school, Britta has done her apprenticeship as equestrian for breeding and husbandry and worked for ten years as a groom in a show jumping stable. Afterwards she spent six years with Anja Ploenzke and changed to Hubertus Schmidt in 2011. When her boss is competing, Britta is excited, she loves the handling of the stallions and enjoys watching Schmidt at work. For three years now Britta has another, a new passion: the breeding! "That was a real coincidence," the horse-lover remembers laughingly. "I saw this mare on the internet and I liked her a lot. Actually I thought that's not going to happen, she'll be way too far anyway ..." But that was not the case. The mare was stabled in Bielefeld, not far from the Fleyenhof. Britta visited her and immediately fell in love with the beauty. "I'm not the mare-lover," she confesses, "but Diva was just different."

Britta - Escolar-fan and horse breeder with one of her Escolar-youngsters.

In the same year the Del Piero-Sandro-daughter Diva was inseminated. "Of course, I chose Escolar," simple decision for the new breeder. Edelmann was born in 2016: brown, four white feed, with a bow and star and a very noble face. "When Edelmann was four days old, Equus Invest bought him, he has developed great and now he is being prepared for the licensing," the breeder says proudly. "That's incredible: if he will be licensed and then my name is then listed as breeder - this would be crazy." A year later, a full sister to Edelmann was born, Esperanza. "Esperanza means hope and she should actually be my successor for Diva," Britta says, "but now I have prospects for her as well. I'm not sure yet how it goes on ... "Esperanza's face is almost a copy of her father: brown, a white foot in the back and the same two or three white hairs on the forehead in front.

2018: Full-sibling number three is born, Erlkoenig. Also Erlkoenig is already sold, to Nancy Gooding. Mother and son are still living together with the Damon Hill broodmare of Hubertus Schmidt and her foal on a paddock near the Fleyenhof. If Erlkoenig is deposed, he will continue to grow up in northern Germany. "I really enjoy it when I drive to the paddock after work in the evening. That's my compensation, my hobby. It's pure fun for me! "

Diva is again pregnant this year, of course, by Escolar! "The beauty of Diva is that she is so incredibly well behaving and that's exactly what she passes on to her foals," Britta smiles. "We can inseminate her in the paddock on the halter, she is so easy to handle. She also stands next to you for an hour and crawls into your pocket. She is just sweet and a sweetheart. "



Source: Dressursport Deutschland

Photo: Dressursport Deutschland