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Dates 2018

Saturday, Febuary 3rd, 5.00 pm
Hanoverian Private Stallion Show
Niedersachsenhalle in Verden
Cards: www.ticketmaster.de
or Tel. 0049-1806-999 0000

Thursday, February 15th, 7.00 pm
Westphalian Private Stallion Show
Westfälisches Pferdezentrum in Münster-Handorf
Infos: www.westfalenpferde.de.

Sunday, February 18th, 2.00 pm
Stallion Show with
Ludger Beerbaum Stables, Dressage Grand Ducal,
Gestüt Peterhof and Gestüt Tannenhof in Vechta
Oldenburger Pferdezentrum in Vechta
Cards: www.nordwest-ticket.de

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Full-service for the import of
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Furger's Transporte GmbH
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Breeding FAQ of the stallion station Gut Neuenhof


In what time period are our stallions available to you?

The breeding season starts at January 1st and ends August 1st every year. During this time, you can obtain fresh semen of our stallions. Exceptions can come up due to competitions or illness, in these cases deep frozen semen of the same stallion, if available, or fresh semen of a different stallion can be applied.

What happens when the requested stallion drops out?

Should a stallion drop out during the breeding season, due to competitions, illness and so forth, you can either purchase deep frozen semen, if available, or choose another stallion of the same price category of our station. There is not entitlement to a refund of the insemination instalment.

What to keep in mind before the insemination?

Before your mare is inseminated a swab sample is required. This should be done while the mare is in season. The insemination takes place after a veterinarian follicle check and if possible teasing of the stallion.

What information do we require for an order?

For the shipping of semen, we absolutely need to know the following:

- Desired stallion
- Name and complete address of the owner of the mare
- Name and complete address of the veterinarian or insemination technician (we require a copy of the certification of the technician)
- Shipping address
- Information on the mare (name, pedigree, universal equine life number, age)
- Your membership number in the breeding society which we are to notify of the insemination

Please use the form for ordering semen which you will find at the top of the page.

Which order deadlines/ delivery times apply?

Orders for the shipping of fresh semen (NSE) on the same day have to placed by 10 AM Mondays-Fridays and 9 AM on Saturdays, via phone or fax. Semen of the stallions can be delivered to individual parts of Germany through Hippoexpress as same day delivery. This order must be received by the evening before. Please contact us beforehand about the costs.

Please use our form for ordering semen which you can find at the top of the page. On Sundays and Holidays shipping can not take place (exceptions can be possible, please ask us first).

To avoid complications of the delivery please use the receipt form of the firm NSE, which you can also find at the top of this page.

Which costs are due when?

Insemination instalment:
The insemination instalment of all of our stallions apply throughout the whole breeding season and will definitely be invoiced. It covers the effort of the semen extraction, the processing of the fresh semen and the administration. There is no entitlement to credits or discounts for the insemination instalment. This instalment is due before the first insemination of the mare. Not included are the costs of the shipping, the veterinary or the pension.

If the insemination instalment or the costs of shipping are not paid, there is no entitlement to a new shipping of semen.

In-foal fee:
The in-foal fee is due 45 days of mare's gestation. The relevant gestation is the one 45 days after the last insemination. If the mare is not in foal the verification from the stud, including a written report from the veterinarian, should be sent to Gut Neuenhof KG unsolicited not later than October 1st 2018. If not, the mare is considered in foal.

If we do not receive a verification of non gestation from the veterinary up to the 45th gestation day within 14 days, the in-foal fee will be automatically due. This also applies for non gestation at a later stage.

Embryo transfer:
With Embryo transfer for every accumulated embryo the breeding fee is due. When an embryo transfer is planned, notify us when ordering the semen.

Costs of shipping:
The shipping containers, including the ice packs, cost 6.00 Euro per container for which the breeders will be invoiced. The containers can be destroyed after.

Shipping abroad:
The shipping of semen abroad only takes place after the full sum of the breeding fee, the shipping costs and the costs of the Official Veterinarian's report is paid beforehand.

What special conditions apply?

We grant a discount of 100.00 Euro per mare, if a breeder supplied three or more of his mares with the, at Gut Neuenhof stationed, stallions and the in-foal fee is due. Further special conditions can be reconciled.