Hof Neuenhof


Muenster-Handorf: Equitaris III second25.07.2017

The son of Estobar NRW placed second in the qualification of three-year-old stallions. [more]

Muenster-Handorf: Escolar-offspring dominate 25.07.2017

Five of the nine placed horses' father is Escolar in the three-year-old mares and geldings class.[more]

Muenster-Handorf: Gut Neuenhof's Eternity wins superiorly25.07.2017

Pascal Kandziora and Gut Neuenhof's Eternity won with top scores.[more]

Muenster-Handorf: Evita second25.07.2017

Our Escolar-daughter ranked second in the opening competition of the Westphalian Championships of three-year-old mares and geldings. [more]

Noerdlingen: Escolar-sons auctioned off23.07.2017

Within 11th DSP-Elite-Foal Auction two colts of our Escolar were auctioned off. [more]

Rastede: Amani brillant-ring-participant20.07.2017

The daughter of Escolar was nominated for the brilliant-ring at the Oldenburg Elite-Broodmare Show. [more]

Lienen: A new trailer 19.07.2017

The breeder of the winner filly at the German Elite-Foal Championships has won a new trailer sponsored by Stud Gut Neuenhof. [more]

Aachen: Escolar third19.07.2017

In the Prix St. Georges in Aachen Hubertus Schmidt and Escolar placed third.[more]

Lienen: Amani Vice-Champion16.07.2017

In the final of German Elite-Broodmare Championships the daughter of Escolar placed second.[more]

Falsterbo/SWE: Cristalline placed16.07.2017

The daughter of Cristallo I placed in the Grand Prix in Falsterbo/SWE.[more]

Lienen: Amani outstanding14.07.2017

Currently the daughter of Escolar belongs to the three best mares of the Elite-Broodmare Show, the winner will be awarded on Sunday. [more]

Bettenrode: Video online13.07.2017

We have produced a video about the excellent ride of Hubertus Schmidt and Escolar in the qualification of the Nuremberg Burg-Pokal trophy.[more]

Stuenzel: Goldberg presents winner foal13.07.2017

The filly Ginella by Goldberg became the winner foal at the show in Stuenzel.[more]

Gescher: Estero wins10.07.2017

Not only Escolar himself, but also his offspring celebrate successes in dressage. [more]

Vechta: Premium for Mimosa von der Held10.07.2017

The filly by Escolar was successful at the Vechta Foal Championships.[more]

Bettenrode: Ticket for Escolar09.07.2017

With fabulous 80.41 percent Hubertus Schmidt and Escolar won the qualification of the Nuremberg Burg-Pokal-trophy.[more]

Langenfeld: Charleen and Coco Chanel M qualified09.07.2017

The two daughters of Cristallo II saved themselves their ticket for the National Championships of five-year-old show-jumping horses in Langenfeld. [more]

Bettenrode: Fantastic win for Escolar08.07.2017

With a record score of 79.46 percent Escolar and Hubertus Schmidt won the opening competition of the qualification for the Nuremberg Burg-Pokal trophy. [more]

Riesenbeck: Caressini-foals impress08.07.2017

The first foals of our National Champion Caressini convince all along the line. [more]

Bettenrode: Sonnentanz wins qualification 07.07.2017

Our stallion was just unbeatable in the National Championship-qualification of five-year-old dressage horses. [more]

Bettenrode: Equitares wins07.07.2017

The son of Estobar NRW won the elementary level (L) dressage test for young horses under Vera Breidenbach.[more]

Lienen: Qualified youngsters of our stallions04.07.2017

At the German Foal Championships Escolar, Goldberg and Vainquer present two youngsters each. [more]

Steinhagen: Enja impresses27.06.2017

At the mare show in Steinhagen our Escolar-daughter was awarded best foreign mare. [more]

Riesenbeck: Demanded Caressini-daughter24.06.2017

The filly Celina out of the first year of Caressini changed to Egypt at the Westphalian Foal Auction in Riesenbeck. [more]

Borchen: New certified EU-Breeding Station 24.06.2017

For the upcoming breeding season 2018 Stud Gut Neuenhof plans expansion certified „EU-Breeding Station“ for the location in Borchen.[more]

Soest-Ostoennen: Escada KR third24.06.2017

The daughter of Escolar completed an excellent riding horses test. [more]

Cloppenburg: Cristofin second24.06.2017

Under the saddle of Victoria Klatte the Cristallo I-son placed second in the medium level (M**) two-phase competition. [more]

Riesenbeck: Eighth rank for Baloutelli23.06.2017

Also in the second competition of the internationalen youngster-tour the Baloubet du Rouet-son was again successful. [more]

Riesenbeck: Baloutelli placed 22.06.2017

The stallion from our breed took tenth place under Ludger Beerbaum Rang in a competition of the international youngster-tour.[more]

Guetersloh: Excellent presentation of our mares20.06.2017

Vroni and Menne Torweihen and Manuela Nitschke did a fantastic job in Guetersloh. [more]

Guetersloh: Fantastic marks for Escolar- and Estobar NRW-daughters20.06.2017

The daughters of our stallions dominated the broodmare performance tests in Guetersloh. [more]

Ichenheim: Black Toy obtains his ticket19.06.2017

Julia Beck and the son of Black Jack qualified in Ichenheim for the National Championships.[more]

Rommerskirchen: Cristella SG wins qualification again19.06.2017

The daughter of Cristallo II won under Sophia Beckmann her second National Championship-qualification. Charleen qualified again, too. [more]

Hille: Estobar NRW third19.06.2017

Danica Duen and our Estobar NRW took third place in the advanced level (S*) dressage competition. [more]

Isernhagen: Cornwall placed in the Grand Prix 19.06.2017

Christian Kukuk and Cornwall showed an excellent performance and placed in the Grand Prix in Isernhagen. [more]

Lodbergen: Goldberg-son qualified for Lienen 18.06.2017

At the qualification for the German Foal Championships in Lodbergen the Goldberg-son got his final ticket for Lienen. [more]

Isernhagen: Calvie third16.06.2017

Calvin is a credit to his father Cordess in Isernhagen.[more]

Isernhagen: Cornwall third16.06.2017

In the advanced level (S) two-phase competition in Isernhagen Cornwall took third place. [more]

Isernhagen: Calvie and Baloutelli placed16.06.2017

Calvie and Baloutelli placed in the medium level (M*) youngster competition in Isernhagen.[more]

Bedburg: Vainqueur presents top foal Lienen15.06.2017

Betburg was again the venue for the qualification of the German Foal Championships in Lienen. [more]

Seppenrade: Escolar-Sohn wins superiorly 15.06.2017

News from a youngster out of the first foal year of our Escolar.[more]

Muenster: Emirates GV reserve winner in dressage14.06.2017

The daughter of Escolar completed her broodmare performance test with a top valuation. [more]

Vechta: Amani received approval for Rastede12.06.2017

The three-year-old daughter of Escolar was approved to the Oldenburg Elite-Broodmare Show in Rastede.[more]

Ahaus: Golderg presents winner foal12.06.2017

At the Westphalian Foal Show in Ahaus a daughter of Goldberg won the title. [more]

Achleiten/AUT: Sixth rank for Cara Mia Rcf11.06.2017

In the final of seven-year-old youngsters Cara Mia Rcf ranked sixth.[more]

Balve: Escolar Zweiter10.06.2017

Leider unterliefen Escolar und seinem Reiter Hubertus Schmidt heute ein paar teure Fehler.[more]

Balve: Escolar wins opening competition09.06.2017

With a fantastic performance Hubertus Schmidt and Escolar ranked top in the field of the opening competition for the Nuremberg-Burg Pokal trophy qualification. [more]

Achleiten/AUT: Cara Mia Rcf fifth09.06.2017

The daughter of Cristallo I placed in Achleiten in the six-year-old dressage horses class. [more]

Vechta: Emilia CF receives her premium candidature09.06.2017

The daughter of Escolar was awarded Oldenburg premium candidature. [more]

Lastrup: Chiari qualified06.06.2017

The son of Cristallo II safed himself in Lastrup his ticket for the National Championships.[more]

Mettingen: Estobar NRW wins05.06.2017

In the St. Georges Special in Mettingen Estobar NRW and Danica Duen were unbeatable. [more]

Mettingen: Gut Neuenhof's Etoile second05.06.2017

The three-year-old son of Escolar placed second under Danica Duen in a riding horse test. [more]

Wiesbaden: Charmeur sixth04.06.2017

The son of Cristallo I placed sixth under Gert Jan Brugging/NLD in a competition on sunday. [more]

Wolkersdorf: Top foal by Cristallo I04.06.2017

At Family Wimmer an exceptional foal by Cristallo I was born, which upstages all dressage foals.[more]

Kirchhellen: Cristella SG and Charleen qualified for the National Championships28.05.2017

The two daughters of Cristallo II saved themselves their ticket for Warendorf. [more]

Munich: Ben-Hardy sixth28.05.2017

In the international Youngster-Tour final the son of Black Jack placed sixth.[more]

Munich: Second rank for Escorial28.05.2017

Hubertus Schmidt and Escorial took second place in the qualification for the Nuremberg Burg-Pokal.[more]

Munich: Escorial third27.05.2017

In the opening competition for the Nuremberg Burg-Pokal qualification Escorial and Hubertus Schmidt placed third. [more]

Hamburg: Cordess placed26.05.2017

Christian Kukuk and Cordess well placed in the 1.50m competition in Hamburg. [more]

Buelkau: Emilio Sánchez qualified for the National Championships26.05.2017

The sire from Celle by Estobar NRW safed his ticket for Warendorf under Wolfhard Witte. [more]

Muenster-Handorf: Excellent MPT for Emma Westphalia26.05.2017

Escolar's offspring satisfy in every respect, Emma Westphalia completed her mare performance test with top marks. [more]

Pr. Stroehen: Estobar NRW in front26.05.2017

Estobar NRW and Danica Duen won the advanced level (S*) dressage class. [more]

Pr. Stroehen: Successful debut for Etro 26.05.2017

Danica Duen an our three-year-old stallion by Escolar won the riding horses competition. [more]

Riesenbeck: Great foals23.05.2017

Some of our stallions' offspring presented themselves at the first of two Foal- and Broodmare Show in Riesenbeck. [more]

Halle: Gut Neuenhofs Elegance wins20.05.2017

Fantastic debut of our self-bred Gut Neuenhofs Elegance at the show in Halle-Tatenhausen.[more]

Margarethen/AUT: Cara Mia RCF third20.05.2017

With 74.14 and 74.65 percent Cara Mia RCF took third rank in the FEI competition for seven-y.-o.dressage horses in Margarethen/AUT.[more]

Adelheidsdorf: Successful stallion performance test for Escolar-son16.05.2017

A three-year-old son of our Escolar successfully completed his 14-days stallion test. [more]

Muenster-Handorf: Hermes de Lux-daughter part of auction 15.05.2017

Hermine, a four-year-old daughter of our Hermes de Lux, will be part of the Westphalian Summer-Auction at the 11th of June.[more]

Unna-Massen: Cristella S wins National Championship qualification18.05.2017

The Cristallo II-daughter won the National Championship qualification for six-year-old horses with a total score of 9.0. [more]

Aachen: Top placing for Calvie13.05.2017

Our six-year-old Cordess-son placed very well in two competitions of the international youngster tour.[more]

Mannheim: Caressini placed06.05.2017

In first qualification of the youngster-tour Christian Kukuk and Caressini placed tenth. [more]

Unna-Massen: Escolar-festival in the riding horses test06.05.2017

Three of the four placed horses come from the first year of Escolar.[more]

Riesenbeck: Cornwall second03.05.2017

Christian Kukuk and Cornwall placed second with a fast clear round in the advanced level (S*) show-jumping competition. [more]

Riesenbeck: Fourth rank again for Baloutelli03.05.2017

Also at his second start in Riesenbeck Baloutelli satisfied. [more]

Riesenbeck: Baloutelli fourth03.05.2017

The Baloubet du Rouet-son from our breed placed in the medium level (M*) show-jumping class for six-eight-year-old horses. [more]

Limburg: Portrait of Cordess 30.04.2017

The journal PferdeSport International portrays our Cordess in its current edition. [more]

Hagen: Caressini second30.04.2017

In the youngster tour final Caressini placed second. [more]

Hagen: Escorial placed again29.04.2017

Our Escorial ranked sixth in the qualifier of the Nuremberg Bug Pokal in Hagen. [more]

Hagen: Caressini fifth29.04.2017

Excellent start for our Caressini in the green season.[more]

Hagen: Escorial fifth in opening competition27.04.2017

Hubertus Schmidt and the seven-year-old Escorial placed fifth in the opening competition of the Nuremberg Burg Pokal qualifier. [more]

Lodbergen: Goldberg-foals awarded25.04.2017

Goldberg's offspring had two excellent performances at Oldenburg Early-Branding Event in Lodbergen.[more]

Riesenbeck: Caressini approved for Hanoverian breed23.04.2017

Our Caressini received his breeding approval by the Hanoverian Association. [more]

For sale: Gut Neuenhofs Corlypso21.04.2017

Five-year-old bay gelding by Cordess out of Charlotta by Calpso II-Landgraf I.[more]

Westphalia: Escolar-daughters present an excellent broodmare test20.04.2017

Eight daughters from Escolar's first year completed her broodmare test.[more]

Schlieckau: Cristallino completes 14-days test19.04.2017

The Cristallo II-son out of our breed successfully completed his 14-days test.[more]

For sale: Gut Neuenhofs Cassidy18.04.2017

Five-year-old gelding by out of Cassie by Cassini I, half-brother of Cristallo I and II.[more]

For sale: Gut Neuenhofs Caprice18.04.2017

Five-year-old mare by Cordess out of U-Cassina by Cassini I, half-sister of Caressini.[more]

For sale: Gut Neuenhofs Capone18.04.2017

For-year-old gelding by Cristallo II out of Tinette by Landjunge.[more]

Nideggen: Free covering raffled14.04.2017

The raffle of the free covering by D'alessandro is completed, we have drawn a winner. [more]

Happy Easter!13.04.2017

We wish all breeders, friends and clients happy easter 2017!

Escolar-Video online11.04.2017

We have published the video of Escolar, which was produced at the Stallion Show in Vechta 2016. [more]

Muenster-Handorf: Gabalier auctioned off09.04.2017

The colt by Goldberg changed his owner within Westphalian Elite-Auction.[more]

Mexico Stadt/MEX: Cordess clear07.04.2017

In the first competition of the Global Champions Tour-stage in Mexico City Christian Kukuk and Cordess stayed clear. [more]


Win a free covering of D’alessandro! [more]

Two special colts from the breeding community Dietrich/Malecki05.04.2017

The breeding community Dietrich/Malecki presents two special offspring of our stallions this year. [more]

Filly by Escolar born05.04.2017

Escolar's world's best groom Britta Lienhardt is happy about a filly of her protégé.[more]

Reasfeld-Erle: Second rank for Gut Neuenhofs Cassidy01.04.2017

One further daughter of Cordess satisfied in the novice level (A**) show-jumping class for youngsters. [more]

Reasfeld-Erle: Good placings for Gut Neuenhofs Corlypso and Gut Neuenhofs Caprice31.03.2017

Our horses were also successful in the elementary level (L) youngster class. [more]

Raesfeld-Erle: Gut Neuenhofs Caprice second31.03.2017

Our Cordess-daughter placed second in a youngster competition.[more]

New video of Bonanza31.03.2017

Our licensed chestnut painted stallion by Baloubet du Rouet developed fantastically. [more]

Muenster-Handorf: Goldberg presents auction foals30.03.2017

A very well moving Goldberg-son belongs to the top-class foal collection of Westphalian Elite Auction taking place 9th of April. [more]

Herning/DEN: Highest marks for Blue Hors Emilio29.03.2017

The Escolar-son completed his 14-days-test with distinction. [more]

Vechta: Cordess ist Equitaris-stallion of the week27.03.2017

The news portal Equitaris presents in the ne column "stallion of the week" each week a new sire. Cordess is the first.[more]

Riesenbeck: Our show-jumper are top!27.03.2017

Perfect presentation of our show-jumping stallion at stallion show of Ludger Beerbaum Stables in Riesenbeck.[more]

Riesenbeck: A dream foal by Caressini27.03.2017

Is there a better marketing for the heredity of our Caressini? [more]

Rhede: Ninth rank for Gut Neuenhofs Caprice25.03.2017

Lorenzo Argentano/ITA and Caprice were successful in an elementary level (L) show-jumping class for youngsters. [more]

Rhede: Gut Neuenhofs Corlypso successful25.03.2017

Our son of Cordess placed twice in Rhede.[more]

Rhede: Gut Neuenhofs Capone placed25.03.2017

Our Cristallo II-son took eighth place in the novice level (A**) youngster class. [more]

Riesenbeck: Second rank for Glendale21.03.2017

Glendale's second performance was successful again.[more]

Riesenbeck: Calvie fifth21.03.2017

Christian Kukuk and our Cordess-son took fifth place in the elementary level (L) youngster class. [more]

Riesenbeck: Glendale wins21.03.2017

Our licensed Goldfever I-son won the young horses competition. [more]

Braunschweig: Cordess wins Grand Prix19.03.2017

Christian Kukuk and Cordess won the Volkswagen Grand Prix. [more]

Escolar – the guarantee for success is back in sport19.03.2017

The show season starts and Escolar its back in time. [more]

Belgium: BWP approves Escolar-son18.03.2017

Elton, a youngster by Escolar-De Kooning, was licensed by the BWP-Studbook.[more]

Braunschweig: Excellent rounds for Cordess18.03.2017

In the Veolia Championat Cordess enters the jump-off after finishing with an excellent clear round.[more]

Goldberg – Convincing genetics!18.03.2017

The fascinating charmer! [more]

Greetings from Estobar NRW17.03.2017

Excellent weather in Bad Oeynhausen – let's have a quick shooting![more]

Riesenbeck: Stallion Show at Ludger Beerbaum Stables 26th of March16.03.2017

Sunday, 26th of March, all our show-jumping stallions will be presented at the stallion show at Ludger Beerbaum Stables.[more]

Herning/DEN: Blue Hors Emilio admitted to performance test11.03.2017

The son of Escolar was admitted to his stallion performance test by the Danish licensing commission. It is a requirement for the licensing in Denmark.[more]

Riesenbeck: Baloutelli fourth08.03.2017

Philipp Weishaupt and the Baloubet du Rouet-son from our breed took fourth place in the medium level (M*) competition. [more]

Dortmund: Fourth rank for Caressini04.03.2017

Caressini did a fantastic job and placed fourth in the Youngster-Final.[more]

Dortmund: Caressini clear02.03.2017

In first competition of the Youngster-Tour Caressini and Christian Kukuk stayed clear.[more]

Edina satisfies02.03.2017

We also prepared a video of the full-sister of Escolar and Escorial.[more]

Video of Escorial01.03.2017

The video of the seven-year-old Estobar NRW-son Escorial is online now.[more]

Nideggen: Fantastic filly by Escolar28.02.2017

Our mare Latina AS has born an amazing filly by Escolar 29th of January.[more]

Breeding consultation on-site27.02.2017

Successful breeding starts with the right consultation. [more]

Damme: Cornwall placed again25.08.2019

Our Cornell stayed again clear at the CSI Damme.[more]

Damme: Cornwall third24.02.2017

Also Cornwall's second start in Damme was very successful. [more]

New video of D'alessandro22.02.2017

A video of D'alessandros debut in the Vechta auction hall is online now.[more]

Damme: Cornwall placed well24.02.2017

Our Cornet Obolensky-son placed in a 1.40 m competition under Christian Kukuk.[more]

Damme: Celine wins24.02.2017

Kai Schaefer won in the Cristallo I-daughter's saddle a youngster-tour competition.[more]

Riesenbeck: Double victory with top marks for Gomez21.02.2017

Our KWPN-gelding Gomez had an especially successful day. He won two competitions with top marks. [more]

Riesenbeck: Fantastic placing for Calvie21.02.2017

Christian Cordess and Calvin placed very well in Riesenbeck. [more]

Riesenbeck: Double success for Gut Neuenhof's Columbo21.02.2017

Our Cornet Obolensky-son placed second and third in the elementary level (L) and medium level (M) show-jumping class for youngsters.[more]

Riesenbeck:Fifth rank for Carl 21.02.2017

The Cristallo I-son went clear and placed. [more]

Riesenbeck: Christador fifth21.02.2017

Matthias Fuest and the Cristallo II-son took fifth place in the medium level (M*) show-jumping class for six- eight-year-old horses. [more]

Vechta: D'alessandro danced and melted all hearts19.02.2017

Our D'alessandro's fantastic debut under saddle. [more]

Vechta: Escorial satisfies19.02.2017

As already at the stallion show in Muenster, Escorial enthused the audience in Vechta. [more]

Vechta: Daughter advertises her father19.02.2017

Since our Escolar ist still in training and rehabilitation, he was worthily represented by his daughter at our stallion show. [more]

Vechta: Great interest19.02.2017

At our stallion show in Vechta many breeders took the opportunity to ... [more]

Vechta: Estobar NRW - a great show19.02.2017

Estobar NRW and Danica Duen were one of the highlights at our stallion show. [more]

Vechta: Breeders honour19.02.2017

We would like to thank our breeders for their trust in us and in our stallions[more]

Neumuenster: Cordess second in Grand Prix19.02.2017

With two sensational rounds Cordess and Christian Kukuk placed second in the Grand Prix of Neumuenster.[more]

Vechta: Rehearsal succeeded17.02.2017

D'alessandro and Danica Duen had a look in the Vechta auction all.[more]

Bad Oeynhausen: Love at first sight16.02.2017

Our newcomer D'alessandro and his rider Danica Duen sought and found themselves. [more]

Vechta: Stallion Show February 19th16.02.2017

Highly anticipated is the performance of our stallion on Sunday in the Equestrian Center in Vechta. [more]

Muenster: Escorial shines under Fabienne Luetkemeier16.02.2017

Our Escorial's performance was und of the highlights at stallion show in Muenster-Handorf. [more]

Muenster: Our fantastic team15.02.2017

At the stallion show in Muenster-Handorf our team was just inexhaustible and always in action. [more]

Muenster: Estobar NRW impresses the breeders15.02.2017

Estobar NRW and Danica Duen made good advertisement for our station at the stallion show in Muenster-Handorf.[more]

Vechta: Video of Escalibur online15.02.2017

A son of our Escolar will be part of the Oldenburg Saddle Licensing's collection from March 30th till April 1st. [more]

Muenster-Handorf: Westphalian Private Stallion Show February 15th14.02.2017

Our stallions Estobar NRW and Escorial will present themselves at Westphalian Private Stallion Show tomorrow evening. [more]

Riesenbeck: Cornwall third08.02.2017

Christian Kukuk and the Cornet Obolensky-son ranked third in the advanced level (S*) competition. [more]

Nideggen: Stallion catalogue 2017 completed07.02.2017

Our stallion present themselves in our new stallion catalogue, which you can order from now on. [more]

Wellington/USA: News from Cristalline07.02.2017

The dauhter of Cristallo I causes headlines in Florida at the moment. [more]

Offenburg: Caressini placed in Youngster Tour-final05.02.2017

Christian Kukuk our seven-year-old Carento-son placed tenth in the final of international Youngster Tour at Baden Classics.[more]

Verden: Emilio Sanchez and his breeder honoured05.02.2017

The stallion performance test winner and son of our Estobar NRW was honoured within Hanoverian private stallion show as well as his breeder Hinrich Engelke.[more]

Offenburg: Cordess eighth04.02.2017

Christian Kukuk and Cordess placed in the final of the Gold Tour Baden Classics.[more]

Nideggen: Neucomer D'alessandro02.02.2017

We are happy about our newcomer from the Southgerman Stallion Days in Munich, D'alessandro by Don Frederic.[more]

Munich: Escolar-son sold to Stud Tannenhof29.01.2017

Family Ploenzke bought at the DSP licensing in Munich a son of our Escolar.[more]

Munich: Black Jack-son costs 52.000 Euros28.01.2017

One of the most expensive show-jumping stallions at DSP licensing in Munich was a premium stallion by Black Jack.[more]

Munich: Black Jack-son in premium lot28.01.2017

The son of Black Jack belongs to the six-stallion lot at Southgerman Stallion Days. [more]

Munich: Son of Black Jack licensed27.01.2017

At the licensing in Munich the son of Black Jack received his breeding approval. [more]

Munich: Welcome! 26.01.2017

Our breeding consultant Volker Hagemeister enjoyed a large clientele at the licensing in Munich. [more]

Munich: Three offspring of our stallion in contention26.01.2017

Three sons of our Escolar and Black Jack will compete in the southgerman licensing in Munich. [more]

Riesenbeck: Double victory for Gomez24.01.2017

Gomez registered two fantastic victories at Late Entry in Riesenbeck.[more]

Riesenbeck: Calvie and Columbo placed24.01.2017

Our Calvie placed fourth at Late Entry in Riesenbeck.[more]

Bochum-Nord: Estobar NRW wins22.01.2017

Danica Duen and our Estobar won the advanced level (S*) dressage competition. [more]

Nordvelen: Successes for Co Cristall and Coco21.01.2017

The two offspring of Cristallo I placed in a medium level (M**) show-jumping competition. [more]

Nordvelen: Gut Neuenhofs Camiro wins20.01.2017

Lorenzo Argentano/ITA and our Cristallo I-son were unbeatable in the medium level (M*) show-jumping class. [more]

Vechta: Escolar-approved19.01.2017

A youngster from Escolar's first breeding year received his approval for the Oldenburg licensing under saddle. [more]

Muenster: Caressini seventh14.01.2017

In the final of "WIENFORT Young Horses Champion" our Caressini took an excellent seventh place.[more]

Muenster: Christian Kukuk brought our congratulations14.01.2017

Christian Kukuk kindly represented Stud Neuenhof KG in the award ceremony of the city of Muenster prize. [more]

Muenster: Castello eighth14.01.2017

In the Muenster Championship Kaya Luethi and the Cristallo I-son placed eighth. [more]

Basel/SUI: Corbusier again successful13.01.2017

Also at his second start in Basel Cristallo I-son was able to safe himself an excellent placing. [more]

Muenster: Caressini eighth13.01.2017

Also Caressini and Christian Kukuk were successful in the Youngster-Tour. [more]

Muenster: Seventh rank for Gut Neuenhofs Camiro13.01.2017

In first stage of the Young Horses Trophy Sebastian Karshuening and Camiro took seventh place. [more]

Basel/SUI: Corbusier eighth12.01.2017

Under Christian Rhomberg/AUT the Cristallo I-son placed eighth in the 1.45 meter competition.[more]

Muenster: First performance of Escorial and Hubertus Schmidt11.01.2017

Hubertus Schmidt and our Escorial had a celebrated show. [more]

Muenster: Estobar NRW satisfies11.01.2017

Danica Duen and Estobar NRW showed an exemplary ride in the fully booked arena. [more]

Muenster: Estobar NRW and Escorial do the honours11.01.2017

Wednesday our two stallions will present themselves at stallion show within K+K-Cups. [more]

Riesenbeck: Third rank for Cornwall10.01.2017

Under Christian Kukuk the Cornet Obolensky-son took third rank at the Late Entry in Riesenbeck.[more]

Riesenbeck: Cristofin places10.01.2017

Guido Klatte jun. and the Cristallo I-son took eighth rank in the medium level (M**) show-jumping competition. [more]

Neustadt/Dosse: Caressini eighth09.01.2017

Caressini placed eighth in a Youngster-Tour competition.[more]

Vreden: Gut Neuenhof's Camiro sixth09.01.2017

The son of Cristallo I placed sixth under Sebastian Harshening in a advanced level (S*) jumping competition. [more]

Neustadt/Dosse: Cords placed in Grand Prix 08.01.2017

Christian Kukuk and our Cordess placed eight in the Luebzer Grand Prix. [more]

Muenster: First foal of Vainqueur08.01.2017

The first foal of our Vivaldi-son Vainqueur was born at Christmas day. [more]

Munich: Florenciano now under Eyal Zlatin04.01.2017

We sold Florenciano in the beginning of the year, Eyal Zlatin will present him in sport now. [more]

Riesenbeck: First Caressini-foal born02.01.2017

Almuth Blaschke is the proud breeder of the first Caressini-foal, which was named Clever. [more]

Happy new year everyone! 31.12.2016

We wish all friends and clients a happy and successful new year 2017!

Lier/BEL: Escolar-son admitted to BWP-licensing28.12.2016

The Escolar-son Elton received his admittance to the second part of the BWP-licensing January 19th-21st in the Equestrian Centre Azelhof in Lier/BEL.[more]

Merry Christmas24.12.2016

Stud Gut Neuenhof wishes Merry Christmas 2016![more]

Muenster-Handorf: Florentina part auf auction collection21.12.2016

The daughter of Florenciano is part of the Westphalian Winter-Auction January 22nd 2017. [more]

London/GBR: Corbusier placed19.12.2016

The son of Cristallo I placed in a competition of London International Horse Show.[more]

Bochum-North: Successful debut for Estobar NRW and Danica Duen19.12.2016

Our Estobar NRW placed second in an advanced level (S*) dressage class under his new rider Danica Duen.[more]

Frankfurt: Cordess without faults16.12.2016

Christian Kukuk and Cordes started with a confident round in the Frankfurt Festhallen Show.[more]

Verden: Estobar NRW-son licensed13.12.2016

The son of Estobar NRW won his stallion performance test in November, now he was licensed by the Hanoverian Breeding Association. [more]

Kreuth: Son of our Cordess certified10.12.2016

Cordessio is already Cordess' second son, who is now certified for breeding.[more]

Escolar leads stallion team of the new Insemination Station at Stud Gut Neuenhof an 08.12.2016

"From the upcoming breeding season 2017 on, our dressage sires will be available for breeders via our new station at Stud Gut Neuenhof." Sandra G. and Dr. Axel Schuerner from Stud Gut Neuenhof in Nideggen explain. [more]

Munich-Riem: Two licensing candidates by Escolar07.12.2016

The Southgerman Associations complete the year 2014 with Stallion Days in January 2017. [more]

Munich-Riem: Black Jack-son part of the licensing collection07.12.2016

A young stallion by Black Jack is part of the licensing lot at Southgerman Stallion Days 2017. [more]

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