Hof Neuenhof

Gut Neuenhofs Cimba


The father Clinton was also successful in international courses under Dirk Demeersman/BEL, as it was also the case in 2005 at the European Championships in San Patrignano/ITA. His data: 17 licensed sons, 11 state premium mares and lifetime-earnigs of 1.4 million Euro. Among his most successful descendants is Cornet Obolensky, the European team's gold medalist.

The mother Wanda de Laubry has also brought the advanced level (S) show-jumping horse For Me (by For Pleasure).

The dam's sire Galoubet A belonges to the Selle Francais-Tafelsilber. With Gilles Betrand de Ballanda, the son of the stallion Almé Z, was in the French World Cup Gold team from Dublin/IRL in 1982 and won the French Championship several times. More than 30 sons, including Rodrigo Pessoa's Olympic winner and the three-time World Cup winner Baloubet du Rouet, Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum's Quick Star and Christian Ahlmann's Olympic team bronze winner Taloubet Z.

The grandmother Kristalys du Ri D'Asse is also a mother of the licensed Rubens Du Ri d'Asse (by Argentinus), who has been successful with Hansueli Sprunger/SUI in international courses.

The third sire, Lys de Darmen, has brought almost 20 advanced level (S)-successful offspring in Germany.

From the dam line come our Farina de Laubry and additionally the stallions Premium de Laubry (by Galoubet A), Jonsaunier van de Dwershagen (by Vertigo Saint-Benoit), Nikolaas van de Heemstede (by Skippy II ), Figaro Du Rid'Asse (by Thunder van de Zuuthoeve), Volcam Du Rid'Asse (by Voltaire), Larko de Laubry (by Arko III), Cat Weasel Z (by Carthago), Fantomas de Muze (v Sandro Boy), Lector van den Bisschop (by Bamako de Muze), UnLaubry de Muze (by Darco), Virus de Laubry (by Skippy II) and Garfield de Tiji (by Quasimodo Z), and the sports horses Akito De Laurete/Clara Regina Fernandez Alvarez/ESP and WKD St. Louis/SamehelDahan/EGY.

Grey - May 9th, 2003
Breeder: Stoeterij Landetta, Netherlands

Performance Record

Gut Neuenhof's Cimba offers successes in international jumping competitions up to advanced level (S***) classes under Ludger Beerbaum and Henrik von Eckermann/SWE.


With our Hermes de Lux had Cimba in 2014 a filly.