Hof Neuenhof


Vechta: Special auction offer Gaitano28.09.2018

On Saturday, 6th of October, our licensed Goldberg-son will be auctioned off on the occasion of the Oldenburg Elite Auction.[more]

Tryon/U.S.: Gold for Cristalline25.09.2018

Adrienne Sternlicht/U.S. and the daughter of Cristallo I celebrated a successful championship premiere at the WEG.[more]

Riesenbeck: Ciebell fourth04.09.2018

Our seven-year-old mare Cibell placed fourth in a medium level (M**) show-jumping test.[more]

Riesenbeck: Successful offspring 04.09.2018

At the Late Entry in Riesenbeck, several offspring of our Cristallo I were able to place very well.[more]

Warendorf: Fifth rank for Emanuel02.09.2018

In the very competitive final of three-year-old stallions, Emanuel took fourth place.[more]

Warendorf: El Corazon sixth02.09.2018

Escolar presents El Corazon, the sixth placed in the National Championships of three-year-old stallions.[more]

Warendorf: Clark TF successful in the finals01.09.2018

In the Youngster Championships of seven-year-old show-jumpers Clark TF took seventh place.

Warendorf: Bronze for Eternity01.09.2018

The son of Escolar won the bronze medal in the National Championships of four-year-old mares and geldings.[more]

Warendorf: Emanuel third31.08.2018

Lukas Fischer and our Emanuel presented a great performance in the warm-up test of the three-year-old stallions.[more]

Warendorf: Fifth place for Embrace31.08.2018

Pascal Kandziora and our Escolar-daughter Embrace took fifth place in the final qualification of three-year-old mares and geldings.[more]

Warendorf: Clark TF successful again31.08.2018

Also in the second qualification for seven-year-old jumpers Clark TF presented himself from his best.[more]

Warendorf: SIG Chiari just beaten30.08.2018

The son of Cristallo II placed second in the second qualifier of six-year-old show-jumpers.[more]

Warendorf: Sixth rank for Estero30.08.2008

Rebecca Holtwiesche and Estero ranked sixth in the warm-up test.[more]

Warendorf: Eternity seventh30.08.2018

Hannes Luett and the Escolar-son took seventh place in the final qualification of four-year-old mares and geldings.[more]

Warendorf: Clark TF successful30.08.2018

In the first qualifier of seven-year-old show-umpers, the Cristallo II-son took tenth place.[more]

Vechta: Escolar-daughter auctioned-off26.08.2018

The beautiful filly Emirates changed hands at the 17th Oldenburg Elite Foal Auction.[more]

Muenster: Great achievement for Escorial26.08.2018

In his first Grand Prix Special Escorial took an excellent fourth place.[more]

Muenster: Elea R wins Optimum23.08.2018

In the Optimum-trophy ofthree-year-old riding horses, Escolar's daughter Elea R took the victory.[more]

Muenster: Evita second23.08.2018

Evita and Tanja Fischer won the silver medal in the Optimum-trophy of four-year old riding horses.[more]

Tryon/U.S.: Cristalline in the US-Team17.08.2018

The Cristallo I-daughter will be part of the US-team for the World Equestrian Games in Tryon/U.S. in September.[more]

Nideggen: End of the breeding season01.08.2018

For our stallions it is time to say goodbye.[more]

Muenster-Handorf: Nominated riding horses for Warendorf30.07.2018

Nine out of 13 horses nominated for Westphalia are offsprings of our Escolar, four come from our stable.[more]

Muenster-Handorf: Etro second, Gut Neuenhof's Etoile fourth29.07.2018

The Westphalian Championships of four-year-old stallions ended with a second and a fourth place for our horses.[more]

Muenster-Handorf: Bronze for Evita 29.07.2018

Escolar presents all medalists in the Westphalian Championships of four-year mares and geldings.[more]

Muenster-Handorf: Emanuel second29.07.2018

Under Lukas Fischer's saddle, our Emanuel won the silver medal in the Westphalian Championships of three-year-old stallions.[more]

Muenster-Handorf: Gut Neuenhof's Embrace Westphalian Champion29.07.2018

Our daughter by Escolar won the Westphalian Championships of three-year-old mares and geldings.[more]

Berlin: Cordess eleventh28.07.2018

Also in the second competition of the Global Champions Tour in Berlin, Christian Kukuk and Cordess placed very well.[more]

Muenster-Handorf: Gloria wins the title27.07.2018

Our Goldberg daughter is Westphalian Champion 2018![more]

Muenster-Handorf: Escolar presents Reserve Winner 27.07.2018

Escolar's daughters are the best advertisement for their father at the Westphalian Elite Broomare Show.[more]

Muenster-Handorf: Id-premium for Ciao Bella 27.07.2018

Our Cristallo I-daughter finished fourth in the Westphalian Elite-Broodmare Show.[more]

Muenster-Handorf: Clark TF fifth27.07.2018

In the final of the Youngster Tour, the son of Cristallo II finished fifth.[more]

Berlin: Cordess placed27.08.2018

Christian Kukuk and Cordess placed in a GCT show-jumping competition in Berlin.[more]

ATTENTION: Same day shipment with HippoXpress25.07.2018

Changes in the same day shipping with HippoXpress.[more]

Muenster-Handorf: The victory for Etiennette25.07.2018

Niklas Schulte-Maerter and his Escolar-daughter were the measure of all things in the qualification for three-year-old mares and geldings.[more]

Muenster-Handorf: Gut Neuenhof's Embrace second25.07.2018

With a great performance, Pascal Kandziora and Gut Neuenhof's Embrace took second place to the three-year-old mares and geldings class.[more]

Muenster-Handorf: Successful Escolar and Goldberg offspring24.07.2018

Four out of the five placed three-year-old stallions are descendants of our stallions.[more]

Muenster-Handorf: Silver ribbon for Emanuel24.07.2018

Lukas Fischer and our Escolar-son took second place in the qualification of three year old stallions.[more]

Muenster-Handorf: Etro third24.07.2018

Also our Escolar-son Etro placed well in the warm-up test of four-year-old stallions.[more]

Muenster-Handorf: Gut Neuenhof's Etoile fourth24.07.2018

Gut Neuenhof's Etoile placed fourth in the four-year-old stallions class.[more]

Muenster-Handorf: Escolar-Festival24.07.2018

The Escolar-offspring dominate the qualification of the Westphalian Championship of four-year-old mares and geldings.[more]

Muenster-Handorf: Evita third24.07.2018

Tanja Fischer and our daughter by Escolar took third place in the opening competition of the Westphalian Championships of four-year-old mares and geldings.[more]

Aachen: Castello seventh in Grand Prix22.07.2018

Henrik von Eckermann/SWE and the son of Cristallo I placed seventh in the Aachen Grand Prix.[more]

Noerdlingen: Geronimo second22.07.2018

In the South German Championships of three-year-old stallions, the Goldberg-son placed on the silver rank.[more]

Rastede: Emilia CF successful20.07.2018

The daughter of Escolar placed in the qualification for the Oldenburg State Championships of four-year-old mares and geldings.[more]

Aachen: Castello wins Prize of Europe18.07.2018

The winner of the Prize of Europe is the Cristallo I-son Castello.[more]

Munich-Riem: Calvin wins Championships17.07.2018

Anna von Guttenberg and the Cordess-son Calvie are the new Bavarian Junior Champions.[more]

Niederlande: Horses.nl reported about Gloria16.07.2018

Our just crowned Champion from Lienen also made into the press in Holland.[more]

Lienen: Gold for Gloria 15.07.2018

The Goldberg-daughter uphold her role as favorite and turned winner of the German Elite Broodmare Championships.[more]

Lienen: Emilie Louise MT wins the bronze medal15.07.2018

Escolar presents the bronze medal winner of the German Elite Mare Championships with Emilie Louise MT.[more]

Lienen: Gloria top13.07.2018

Our daughter of Goldberg received the top score of the day at the German Elite Broodmare Championships.[more]

Lienen: Escolar-daughters very popular13.07.2018

The daughters of our Escolar presented themselves outstandingly at the German Elite Broodmare Championships.[more]

Toenisberg: Successful show premiere for Mira and Emilia08.07.2018

Mira Wienhofen and her Escolar-Show Star-daughter Emilia, bred by Annegret Rawert, celebrated their show premiere in Toenisberg-Schaephuysen.[more]

Bettenrode: Vainqueur qualified for Warendorf06.07.2018

Hubertus Schmidt and Vainqueur are qualified for the National Championships of five-year-old dressage horses.[more]

Steinhagen/Aachen: Goldberg-daughters top02.07.2018

The daughters of our Goldberg dominated the Broodmare Shows in Steinhagen and Aachen.[more]

Wickrath: Auction approval for D'alessandro-daughter02.07.2018

The highly motivated filly from the first year of D'alessandro is part of the collection approved for the foal auction in Wickrath.[more]

Delbrueck: Escada wins Breeding Show02.07.2018

The daughter of Escolar (owner: Ömer Bayar van Baaren) turned winner of the Broodmare Show in Delbrueck.[more]

Knokke/BEL: Cristalline fifth01.07.2018

Adrienne Sternlicht/U.S. and Kristalline performed superiorly in the Knokke/BEL Grand Prix.[more]

Fritzens/AUT: Fifth rank for Ein Traum01.07.2018

Borja Carrascosa/ESP and Ein Traum were successful in the Grand Prix freestyle, too.[more]

Tuebingen: Escolar presents State Champion01.07.2018

The Escolar-son Emilio is the new State Champion of three-year-old stallions in Baden-Wuerttemberg.[more]

Monaco/MCO: Cordess seventh01.07.2018

Cordess placed seventh in the Global Champions Tour stage in Monaco.[more]

Fritzens/AUT: Ein Traum placed30.06.2018

The descendant of Estobar NRW placed in the Grand Prix in Fritzens/AUT.[more]

Cloppenburg: Bronze for Christiano Ronaldo 25.06.2018

The son of our Cristallo I won the bronze medal at the Weser-Ems Young Rider Championships.[more]

"Of course by Escolar“21.06.2018

The online portal "Dressursport Deutschland" published a great article about Britta Lienhardt, the stable manager of the Fleyenhof, the home of Escolar.[more]

Successes that speak for themselves20.06.2018

The mare performance test in Guetersloh was a great success for the daughters of our stallions Goldberg and Escolar.[more]

Guetersloh: Goldberg presents the Champion of the mare performance test19.06.2018

With a sensational dressage score of 9.10 the Goldberg-Rock Forever I-daughter Gloria from Stud Gut Neuenhof finished the MPT in Guetersloh.[more]

Guetersloh:Escolar presents the overall and dressage Reserve-Champion mare of the mare performance test19.06.2018

With the Escolar-Florenciano-daughter Estonia, bred by Heinrich Plaas-Beisemann, the reserve-victory of the mare performance test went to an offspring of our stallion.[more]

Sopot/POL: Castello wins Grand Prix18.06.2018

Henrik von Eckermann/SWE and the Cristallo I-son won the Grand Prix at the CSIO5* show in Poland.[more]

Borchen-Etteln: D'alessandro's training in moving images14.06.2018

We filmed our sports-test winner and heartbreaker D'alessandro in training.[more]

Achleiten/AUT: Again second place for Cara Mia Rcf10.06.2018

Even in the Intermediaire II Cara Mia Rcf placed second.[more]

Achleiten/AUT: Cara Mia Rcf second09.06.2018

Christian Schumach/AUT and the Cristallo I-daughter were very successful at Castle Achleiten.[more]

Balve: Escorial wins09.06.2018

In the short Grand Prix Hubertus Schmidt and Escorial were just unbeatable.[more]

Balve: Second rank for Escorial08.06.2018

Hubertus Schmidt and Escorial started with a second place in the show-weekend in Balve.[more]

Balve: Cristella S fourth08.06.2018

The mare was also successful in the second test of the Youngster Tour.[more]

Balve: Cristella S successful07.06.2018

In the the international Youngster Tour-test, the Cristallo II-daughter finished twelfth.[more]

Tubbergen/NLD: Charmeur wins Grand Prix 04.06.2018

Gert Jan Bruggink/NLD and his Cristallo I-sonare the winner of the Tubbergen/NLD Grand Prix.[more]

Saint-Tropez/FRA: Cristobar second31.05.2018

Eddy Vlock/U.S. and our bred Cristallo I-son are well placed at the Athina Onassis Horse Show.[more]

Wiesbaden: Fourth place for Escorial21.05.2018

Escorial and Hubertus Schmidt showed a good performance and placed fourth in the Louisdor Prize qualifying.[more]

Wiesbaden: Escorial third19.05.2018

A good start for our Escorial in Wiesbaden.[more]

Neustadt/Dosse: D'alessandro reserve-winner dressage15.05.2018

After completing his outstanding sports test, D'alessandro also finished his 14-day test with top marks.[more]

Neustadt/Dosse: Successful SPT for our stallions 15.05.2018

In Neustadt/Dosse Etro and a son of Goldberg successfully completed their 14-days-test.[more]

Riesenbeck: Second rank for Calvie08.05.2018

Our Cordess-son Calvie was successful in Riesenbeck, too.[more]

Riesenbeck: Caressini wins08.05.2018

Our Carento-son was victorious in a medium level (M**) youngster show-jumping test. [more]

Riesenbeck: Baloutelli third08.05.2018

Ludger Bierbaum and the Westphalian from our breed placed in a medium level (M**) show-jumping test. [more]

Mannheim: Charmeur successful in Championships 06.05.2018

Gert Jan Bruggink/NLD and the Cristallo I-son took ninth place in the Mannheim Championship.[more]

Unna Massen: Coco Chanel M qualified 05.05.2018

The daughter of Cristallo II saved herself her ticket for the National Championships in Warendorf.[more]

Mannheim: Third rank for Ein Traum05.05.2018

The son of Estobar NRW was also successful in the Grand Prix Special in Mannheim.[more]

Hoeven: Gut Neuenhofs Elegance wins04.05.2018

Our four-year-old Estobar NRW-daughter won a dressage horse test.[more]

Mannheim: Ein Traum fourth04.05.2018

Borja Carrascosa/ESP and the Estobar NRW-son placed at the Maimarkt-Show.[more]

Hagen: Fifth rank for Escorial29.04.2018

Hubertus Schmidt and Escorial finished fifth in qualifying for the Louisdor-Prize.[more]

Delbrueck: Estobar NRW wins28.04.2018

Estobar NRW and Ivan Nieto Sanchez were already hard to beat in harmony and presence on the occasion of the stallion presentations.[more]

Hagen: Fourth rank for Charmeur27.04.2018

Gert Jan Bruggink/NLD and the son of Cristallo I were successful at Horses & Dreams in Hagen.[more]

Hagen: Escorial second27.04.2018

Escorial took an excellent second place in the qualification for the qualifier of the Louisdor-Prize.[more]

Hamburg: Cashmere 26.04.2018

The extraordinary story of our foal Cashmere is told in the current issue of St. Georg.[more]

Muenster-Handorf: D'alessandro sport test-winner26.04.2018

Our D'alessandro won the sport test for licensed stallions in Muenster-Handorf.[more]

Wellington/U.S.: Visitors for Codiak25.04.2018

The son of Cristallo I performes in Florida under the saddle of Eliane Cordia van Reesema and was visited by old friends. [more]

Lastrup: Gut Neuenhofs Elegance successful20.04.2018

Lukas Fischer and our Estobar NRW-daughter placed in a dressage horse test.[more]

Neustadt/Dosse: Cashmere satisfies19.04.2018

Our youngster Cashmere completed his 14-day assessment test with excellent grades.[more]

Neustadt/Dosse: Escamillo and Goldball complete SPT with top scores 19.04.2018

The two sons of our stallions Escolar and Goldberg completed their 14-day test with equally high scores.[more]

Schlieckau: Successful SPT for Escolar-sons17.04.2018

El Corazon and El Salvador successfully completed their 14-days test in Schlieckau.[more]

Muenster-Handorf: Emporia highly demanded09.04.2018

The son of Escolar changed owner as third-expensiest horse of the Westphalian Elite Auction.[more]

Miami/USA: Castello placed07.04.2018

The son of Cristallo I placed well in the Global Champions Tour in Miami/USA. [more]

Vechta: Two Escolar-sons licensed05.04.2018

As part of the Oldenburg-Saddle-Licensing, both presented Escolar offspring achieved excellent results.[more]

Wiener Neustadt/AUT: Ein Traum second31.03.2018

The nine-year-old Estobar NRW-son took second place in a Grand Prix.[more]

Happy Easter!29.03.2018

The Stud Neuenhof-team wishes all breeders and friends Happy Easter 2018!

Dortmund: Second victory Escolar23.03.2018

Hubertus Schmidt and Escolar were victorious in the final of the young horses in Dortmund.[more]

The Netherlands: Escolar – a closer look23.03.2018

The online forum Horses.nl has established a new rubric, in which Escolar is currently being portrayed.[more]

Dortmund: First Inter II-win for Escolar22.03.2018

Escolar clearly wins his first test with piaffe and passage.[more]

Bonanza in breeding22.03.2018

Our colorful stallion by Baloubet du Rouet is available for breeders this season.[more]

Elmshorn: Hermes de Lux-son Free-Jumping-Champion22.03.2018

A son of Hermes de Lux won the Free-Jumping Championship in Elmshorn.[more]

Riesenbeck: Second rank for Cristallo Boy20.03.2018

The Cristallo-son and Michael Cristofoletti/ITA were successful in Riesenbeck.[more]

Riesenbeck: Clio TF third06.03.2018

Lennert Rustemeier and his Cristallo II-daughter placed in a medium level (M*) show-jumping test of the Youngster Tour.[more]

Ebreichsdorf/AUT: Cara Mia RCF successful04.03.2018

The daughter of Cristallo I placed very well.[more]

Braunschweig: Christiano Ronaldo B second04.03.2018

The Cristallo I-son took second place in the show-jumping HGW-National Youngster Championships.[more]

Braunschweig: Ciebell successful again04.03.2018

Also in the final of the Youngster Tour in Braunschweig our Cristallo II-daughter placed well.[more]

Braunschweig: Ciebell placed02.03.2018

According to their great performance, Christian Kukuk and Ciebell placed in the Youngster Tour of the Lions Classics.[more]

Great pleasure about the Meet & Greet27.02.2018

The winner of the Meet & Greet with Escolar and Hubertus Schmidt hardly believes her great luck.[more]

Vechta: Oldenburg Elite-Auction and Saddle Licensing26.02.2018

Three offspring of our stallions will be in the lot of the Oldenburg Elite Auction and Saddle Licensing at the beginning of April in Vechta.[more]

Gothenbourg/SWE: Baloutelli third25.02.2018

In the Lövsta Future Challenge Final, the stallion from our breed took an outstanding third place.[more]

Wellington/U.S.: Cristalline successful25.02.2018

The Cristallo I-daughter placed very well in the Rolex Grand Prix in Wellington/U.S.[more]

Gothenburg/SWE: Castello placed23.02.2018

The son of Cristallo I completed the World Cup-show in Gothenburg/SWE successfully.[more]

New video of Cashmere21.02.2018

Our three-year-old Cashmere appeared outstanding at his first performance in front of a large audience.[more]

Riesenbeck: Successful Cristallo II-kids20.02.2018

At the Late Entry in Riesenbeck, Clio TF and Clark TF placed very well.[more]

Vechta: Breeders' ceremony20.02.2018

A big thank you goes to our breeders, who celebrated fantastic successes with offspring of our stallions last year.[more]

Vechta: Escolar outstanding18.02.2018

Once again, Escolar proved his exceptional quality under his rider Hubertus Schmidt.[more]

Vechta: Everybody loves Cashmere18.02.2018

Our three-year-old Cashmere was the favorite stallion in Vechta.[more]

Vechta: Goldberg inspires18.02.2018

The Master Hubertus Schmidt and Goldberg excel in Vechta.[more]

Vechta: Excellent performance for Estobar NRW 18.02.2018

Ivan Nieto Sanchez and Estobar NRW showed all their skills at the stallion show in Vechta.[more]

Vechta: Stallion show on Sunday16.02.2018

Tickets for our stallion show in Vechta are still available at the box office.[more]

Muenster: Successful premiere for cashmere15.02.2018

At the Westphalian Stallion Show in Muenster, our youngster was presented for the first time under saddle.[more]

Win an exclusive meet & greet with Escolar and Hubertus Schmidt15.02.2018

He thrills the audience like hardly anyone else: Escolar.[more]

HORSE FOR SALE12.02.2018

A four-year-old stallion by Hermes de Lux out of a full sister of Carrico is for sale. [more]

Hong Kong/HKG: Cordess second11.02.2018

Christian Kukuk and Cordess took second place in a competition within the five-star show in Hong Kong/HKG.[more]

Neumuenster: Steendieks Exclusive winning stallion11.02.2018

The son of Escolar was the winner of the breed small German riding horse in Neumuenster.[more]

Trailer Stallion Show10.02.2018

On Sunday, 18th February, our great stallion show will take place in the Oldenburg Horse Center Vechta.[more]

Riesenbeck: Baloutelli successful06.02.2018

The stallion from our stud finished fourth in a medium level (M**) youngster competition.[more]

Riesenbeck: Calvie fourth06.02.2018

Our Cordess-son placed very well at the Late Entry in Riesenbeck.[more]

Verden: Escolar fascinates the audience03.02.2018

The now Hanoverian-approved Escolar was the highlight in the end of the Hanoverian private-stallion-show in Verden.[more]

For sale02.02.2018

A five-year-old son of Hermes de Lux is for sale.[more]

Offenburg: Cookie successful02.02.2018

The daughter of Cristallo I was able to place very well at the Baden Classics.[more]

Wellington/U.S.: Codiak second29.01.2018

The son of Cristallo I placed second in the Intermediaire I test.[more]

Wellington/U.S.: Cristalline successful28.01.2018

The daughter of Cristallo I was successful in the three star Grand Prix in Wellington/U.S.[more]

Munich: Escolar presents reserve-winner27.01.2018

For the second time this autumn our Escolar presented the reserve-champion.[more]

Munich: Breeding approval26.01.2018

Our son of Kannan excelled in Munich-Riem and was licensed.[more]

Munich: Escolar-son licensed26.01.2018

A youngster by Escolar received his breeding approval at the South German Stallion Days.[more]

Verden: Escolar admitted in Hanover 22.01.2018

Our Escolar is now also admitted to breed for the Hanoverian Association.[more]

Muenster-Handorf: Golden State to the U.S.21.01.2018

Customers from the U.S. bought the Goldberg-son Golden State at the Westphalian Winter Auction.[more]

Leipzig: Cor de Alice second in the Free-Jumping Cup 20.01.2018

The son of Cordess was able to place with top marks in the DSP Free-Jumping Cup within Partner Pferd in Leipzig.[more]

Ankum: Ein Traum unbeatable20.01.2018

The Grand Prix in Ankum was won by an Estobar NRW-son.[more]

Leipzig: Corbusier placed20.01.2018

Christian Rhomberg/AUT and his Cristallo I-son were successful in the Leipzig Championships.[more]

Ankum: Ein Traum second19.01.2018

The son of Estobar NRW was able to safe himself second place in Ankum in an Intermediaire II competition.[more]

Vechta: Two Escolar-sons admitted19.01.2018

Escolar presents two young stallions for the Oldenburg licensing under saddle.[more]

Muenster: Cristobal again successful13.01.2018

The son of Cristallo I was successful in the second competition of the medium tour, too.[more]

Muenster: Gut Neuenhof's Camiro unbeatable12.01.2018

Our Cristallo I-son was the measure of things in the class of eight-year-old show-jumpers in Muenster.[more]

Muenster: Victories for For Comtess Royal and Cristobal12.01.2018

The two offspring of our stallions fascinated at the K+K Cup in Muenster.[more]

Neustadt/Dosse: Casil wins12.01.2018

The son of Cristallo I won the youngster show-jumping class under Dirk Klaproth a in Neustadt/Dosse.[more]

Muenster: Goldberg fascinates10.01.2018

The Master Hubertus Schmidt and Goldberg let themselves be celebrated by the audience in Muenster.[more]

Muenster: Perfect start for Estobar NRW and Ivan Nieto Sanchez10.01.2018

Estobar NRW was presented by Ivan Nieto Sanchez for the first time in Muenster.[more]

Muenster: Vainqueur presents himself 10.01.2018

Katharina Hemmer rode our Vainqueur in Muenster.[more]

Muenster: Escolar-sons outstanding10.01.2018

Two sons of Escolar presented themselves in the big Stallion Show of the K+K-Cup.[more]

Riesenbeck: Gut Neuenhof's Columbo second09.01.2018

[Translate to English:] Unter Our Columbo placed together with his rider Tadahiro Hayashi/JPN in a medium level (M**) show-jumping class.[more]

Escolar decorates the cover07.01.2018

Escolar and Hubertus Schmidt decorate the cover of the January issue of the Zuechterforum.[more]

Gahlen: Coco Chanel M successful07.01.2018

The daughter of Cristallo II celebrated a great success in Gahlen.[more]

Muenster: Stallion show at K+K Cup06.01.2018

[Translate to English:] Vainqueur, Goldberg and Estobar NRW will present themselves at the stallion show within K+K Cup on the 10th of January.[more]

Vechta: Stallion show on the 18th of February02.01.2018

Our stallions will present themselves on the 18th of February in the Horse Center Vechta.[more]

Neumuenster: Escolar approved for Holstein 23.12.2018

Our newly crowned Burg Pokal-trophy runner-up and winner of the winner award has now also been admitted to the Holstein breed.[more]

Vechta: You need a last minute Christmas present?22.12.2017

We have something for you![more]

Merry Christmas22.12.2017

We wish our breeders and friends a Merry Christmas and a successful new year 2018.

Munich-Riem: Cristallo I-son in the licensing-lot19.12.2017

Our second stallion for Munich-Riem is a son of Cristallo I.[more]

Munich-Riem: Licensing candidate by Kannan 19.12.2017

We will exhibit a son of Kannan at the Southgerman Stallion Days 2018 taking place in Munich-Riem.[more]

Riesenbeck: Ciebell wins19.12.2017

Our daughter of Cristallo II was very successful under Christian Kukuk.[more]

Frankfurt: Escolar wins the winner prize16.12.2017

The audience celebrates! Escolar and Hubertus Schmidt are the clear winners of the freestyle test of their discretion.[more]

Frankfurt: Heartbreaker Escolar 16.12.2017

With a fantastic performance Escolar placed second under Hubertus Schmidt in the final of the Nürnberg Burg-Pokal- trophy. [more]

Video of Cashmere15.12.2017

There is a new video of our heartbreaker Cashmere.[more]

Muenster-Handorf: Four candidates for the auction15.12.2017

Four offspring of our stallions will be in the lot of the Westphalian Winter Auction on January 21, 2018.[more]

Muenster-Handorf: El Corazon admitted15.12.2017

The dressage winner of the ZfdP licensing in Kreuth was also admitted to the Westphalian Breeding.[more]

Vechta: Escalito approved13.12.2017

The second Reserve Champion of the Westphalian Licensing was approved by the Oldenburg Association.[more]

Hannover: Two Escolar-sons licensed12.12.2017

The Hanoverian Association certified two sons of Escolar today.[more]

Kreuth: Cordess-son auctioned off10.12.2017

Within the 1st Young Stallions Auction, a son of Cordess was auctioned off.[more]

Kreuth: Escolar presents dressage champion stallion09.12.2017

The dressage winner of the ZfdP licensing in Kreuth is El Corazon by Escolar.[more]

Salzburg/AUT: Captain Future second08.12.2017

The son of Cristallo I placed second in a European Youngster Cup competition.[more]

Salzburg/AUT: Cara Mia Rcf unbeatable07.12.2017

Also in her second performance in Salzburg/AUT the Cristallo I-daughter was victorious.[more]

Salzburg/AUT: Cara Mia Rcf wins06.12.2017

The seven-year Cristallo I-daughter won the Prix St. Georges in Salzburg/AUT.[more]

Munich-Riem: Escolar, Goldberg and Cristallo I present their candidates06.12.2017

To the lot of the South German Stallion Days 2018 belong two sons of Escolar and our Cristallo I-son.[more]

Riesenback: Offspring of our stallions successful05.12.2017

Christador, Cristallo Boy and Chelsea were able to place well in Riesenbeck.[more]

St.Pr. dam Emilia for sale05.12.2017

The three-year-old daughter of Escolar is for sale now.[more]

Stockholm/SWE: Castello fourth02.12.2017

In the main show-jumping competition of Saturday at the Sweden International Horse Show, the son of Cristallo I placed very well.[more]

Warendorf: Escolar leads breeding valuation28.11.2017

With a sensational breeding value of 169 points Escolar leads the FN Breeding Valuation 2017.[more]

Warendorf: Estobar NRW among the top 5028.11.2017

Estobar NRW belongs to the 50 best stallions of the FN Breeding Valuation 2017.[more]

Cristallo I among the top sires27.11.2017

Our Cristallo I ranks among the top 80 of the world's best show-jumpers.[more]

Denmark: Successful SPT for Blue Hors Emilio27.11.2017

The son of Escolar passed his stallion performance test in Denmark with excellence. [more]

Neustadt/Dosse: Breeding approval for Cristallo I-son26.11.2017

A young stallion by Cristallo I was also licensed in Neustadt/Dosse.[more]

Neustadt/Dosse: Escolar-son licensed25.11.2017

At "Schaufenster der Besten" a son of Escolar received his breeding approval. [more]

Cristallo I approved to Selle Francais23.11.2017

The studbook of the breed Selle Francais has now accepted Cristallo I.[more]

Muenster-Handorf: Cristallo I-son reserve winner 22.11.2017

Our "Lucky Foal", which we have named Cashmere, became celebrated Reserve Champion of the Westphalian main licensing.[more]

Muenster-Handorf: Escolar and Hubertus Schmidt enthuse22.11.2017

At the parade in the Westphalian Equestrian Center Escolar and Hubertus Schmidt were celebrated by the audience.[more]

Muenster-Handorf: Escolar presents second Reserve Champion 22.11.2017

For the second Reserve Champion of the Westphalian main licensing, a son of Escolar was chosen.[more]

Muenster-Handorf: From a lucky foal to a licensed stallion 21.11.2017

Our "lucky foal", the son of Cristallo I, was licensed.[more]

Muenster-Handorf: Goldberg and Escolar present their licensed sons21.11.2017

At the Westphalian licensing, two sons of Goldberg and one of Escolar received a positive approval.[more]

Riesenbeck: Successful Cristallo II-offspring21.11.2017

In Riesenbeck two offspring of Cristallo II were able to place very well.[more]

Riesenbeck: Hommage de Lux wins21.11.2017

Our Hermes de Lux-son superiorly won a show-jumping competition for youngsters. [more]

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